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The GAGU Zwergenhilfe e.V. was founded on October 2, 2006 by former lay players of the Ma-mi-La theatre group, who have spent more than 16 years staging their theatrical productions on behalf of various charities for charitable purposes. Confronted with the still prevailing plight in many countries around the world, the vision necessitates even greater commitment than previously anticipated, to help those in need.


Sierra Leone:
In the context of quick and unbureaucratic help, the GAGU Zwergenhilfe
e.V. focuses on supporting children in Sierra Leone. Years after the devastating civil war, children in the West African country still live in poverty.

By implementing targeted measures, such as constructing homes for the children. We want to achieve a fundamental improvement in the lives of the children and give the word “tomorrow” a hopeful and future-oriented meaning.

Even on our own doorstrep, we do not close ourselves to the needs of our fellow human beings. In addition to unbureaucratic financial support (of course, after a case-by-case examination), we provide various kinds of help assistance.

Our active members from left to right:

  • Upper row:
    Dieter Schmitt, Board 2.President
    Denise Lubnau,
    Anke Kott,
    Gudrun Gerwien, Board of Directors 1. Chairwoman
    Cornelia Albertz,
    Gabi Schmitt, Board Secretary
  • Bottom row:
    Michael Swoboda, Johannes Nover, Anja Kott, Anke Nappenfeld, Kerstin Andres
  • Not illustrated:
    Kira Lensing,  Osman Turay,  Idrissa John Sankoh, Hans Schmitt, Melanie Döhmer, Sabine Horstmann, Sabine Schidelko, Nicole Heuser, Egbert Hausberg, Linda Andres

We look forward to your visit to our site and your interest in our organisation.

With a lot of heart and dedication, we endeavour to supply the much needed help and assistance to those in distress. Older people, singles and adolescents will always find an open ear and a wealth of support to accompany them in any given situation. Religion or skin colour do not matter to us. Different nationalities are welcome as we see all as one people. Our association consists exclusively of honorary members. So we are always dependent on the broad interest and a versatile support of the public. Our wish is to gain as many supporters as we can  to help with our ongoing plans. 

If our WEB site does not provide you with the information that is important and necessary for you, we are always available for a personal discussion.

Welcome to the GAGU-Zwergenhilfe.

"Well, I am also a dwarf," says a delighted Günter Beck, who has taken office as patron of the Gagu Dwarven Assistance. The Schermbecker entrepreneur Günther Beck has been so enthusiastic about the idea of a nursery home that he has assumed the patronage.

To see our competitor 2008 and mayor Ernst-Christoph Grüter here with the board of the GAGU-Zwergenhilfe at the conclusion of the bet.
Our betting godfather 2016 and Mayor Mike Rexforth, seen here at the conclusion of the bet with Gudrun Gerwien in front of the Schermbecker citizens and Umra Jah, the deputy ambassador of Sierra Leone.There is about 50,000 euros, by the end of 2016 which will be donated to citizens for Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone. That's around 3 euros per Schermbecker, which Mike Rexforth now has to raise. As a first bet, he has already introduced a guitar signed by Herbert Grönemeier, which is auctioned off a four-figure amount. Mike Rexfort is already convinced of the success of the bet and sees us as losers who have to organize on 31.10.2016 a giant New Year's Eve party. At the latest for the "Good old Christmas season 2016" he wants to have the amount of the bet together. Maybe it will be even more, he announces.

You can specifically represent the social commitment of your company as a sponsor of the GAGU dwarf aid in public. In doing so, you can connect GAGU dwarf aid projects / actions with your company goals and also incorporate employees and / or customers in your engagement. A big thank you also goes to the Schermbecker sponsors Ulfkotte and beverage market Willich.






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