Houses for Ebola orphans
Construction of houses for families receiving Ebola orphans:

Ebola has orphaned 20,000 children in Sierra Leone. That is significantly more than the population in Schermbeck. We build houses for families from the slums. Condition is that the families help with the construction and take two to three Ebola orphans. The families can live in the houses until the end of their lives, but they can not inherit the home ownership. A house costs about 15,000 euros.

The following reports document the project progress

The first home for Ebola orphans is not quite finished yet. The excavation is done and the foundations are laid. The shell is already taking shape. Due to the pronounced rainy season, construction has been delayed considerably. The house should be ready for occupancy by February 2018.

School extension of Sierra Leone

Extension of a school by additional buildings:

In an additional building for a school in Sierra Leone more students are to be taught. The GAGU dwarf aid provides the material costs. The work is carried out by the villagers on their own.

The outbuilding of the Babtist Primary School with two new and much larger classrooms is built. The interior was donated by the Rotary Club Lippe-Issel. In the meantime, the panels have been installed in the classrooms. The handover of the building took place during a celebration together with the Minister of Education of Sierra Leone.
The school extension is progressing well. The excavation is done, the foundations are laid and the shell is already taking shape.

Training Center Sierra Leone

Provision and operation of a training center in Sierra Leone on an adjacent property of the Home of Hope:

- Construction costs about 30,000, - €

- Start of construction 2013

- Bodywork completion 2014

- Interior Nov. 2015

- Commissioning at the end of 2016

In an extension on an adjacent site of the Home of Hope, a training center with a sewing house and a bake house was built. The sewing house is the first step in the making and reworking of dresses for the children of the Home of Hope, the slums of Freetown, the Amputee camps and other children of the surrounding villages. The Backhaus supplies the children's home of home with baked goods; later also the population of the surrounding villages. In the medium term Backhaus and Nähhaus are to be expanded as a training center. The aim is to ensure qualified education for the children of the Home of Hope and the village population after their school graduation. Another medium-term goal is the self-financing of the Home of Hope from proceeds of the planned facilities.

The following reports document the project progress
The surveying work is done, the stones burned for construction. The shell is currently being built stone after stone. We are confident that the shell construction work will be completed in 2014. Pictures of the construction of the GAGU training center are available here.
Construction of the GAGU training center continues. The shell work was completed last year, despite Ebola. More pictures of the construction of the GAGU Training Center can be found by clicking on the image on the left.
In the training center, 13 young people have now found their training place. A first project was the production of the "service clothing", which is proudly presented on the pictures.

Children's home "home of hope" in Sierra Leone

Provision and operation of a children's home for the poorest of the poor in Sierra Leone:

- Construction costs about 60,000, - €

- Land acquired in Feb. 2009

- Start of construction July / August 2009

- Bodywork completion in March 2010

- Interior design in August 2011

- Entry of first children in Oct. 2011

- Official inauguration on 2.2.2012

The Kinderhaus serves as a living, care and supply center. On 350 square meters live in twelve rooms up to 20 children, mostly orphans. Through this facility, we provide children with a secure childhood and local health care. By providing school uniforms, books and writing material, we also enable children to attend school, thus giving them a future perspective.

The following reports document the project progress
The construction progress of the Home of Hope starting with the surveying work, the groundbreaking ceremony, the excavation for the strip foundations to the completion of the bodywork and the consecration in March 2010, you can follow here.
Construction work on the home of hope has made visible progress. The exterior painting is completed, the interior is about to be completed. However, open points are still the external work with the removal of the well for the water supply and the outdoor toilet already under construction..
At the end of January 2012, the board of our association traveled to Sierra Leone. The reason for this trip was the official inauguration of the home of hope. Up to the opening still government requirements had to be met. This included the erection of a wall around our house and the further securing of the property through a steel gate.

On February 2, 2012, our home of hope was officially opened by the wife of Vice President Ms. Kadija Sam Sumana and Madam Rosaline Oya Sankoh, Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, Equality and Children's Affairs of Sierra Leone.

The fountain of the Home of Hope has now sunk to 40 meters. After the end of the rainy season, a few more meters will be added until completion, so that the water supply remains secure even in the dry season.
The fountain on the grounds of the Home of Hope is now in operation and the joy of the children is correspondingly large. The water no longer needs to be carried in canisters from the distant source. The pictures show the commissioning of the well.

The cost of medical services must be provided in Sierra Leone by the patient. Only a few can do that. The consequences: Women die at birth, children die because of the lack of money for medication.

To be better prepared in the future and to be able to provide quick help are the goals of our project "Medical Quick Help".

A budget set up for this purpose should ensure medical care and improve the equipment of the hospitals.

Our DONATION ACCOUNTS for this project under the keyword "Medical Quick Help" are:

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