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WhatsApp Image 2018 03 26 at 11.53.38(2)Rashid is 6 years old. He lives in a suburb of Freetown. With homework he has inhaled the cap of a pen, which has now been set in the lungs for a year. A lung is damaged by breathing and therefore only limited. With donations of 12,000 euros Rashid to be operated at the University Hospital Essen.
The fountain of the Home of Hope has now sunk to 40 yards. After the end of the rainy season a few meters will be added so that the water supply remains secure even in the dry season to complete.
The school expansion is progressing well. The excavation is done, the foundations have been laid and the structural work already taking shape.
Construction of houses for the Ebola orphans has reached about the same level. Here, the construction phase has also begun.
The couple Barbara and Klaus Schulz from Dorsten-Wulfen have the GAGU Zwergenhilfe given to her car, a Kia Carnival in top condition. The pictures show the transfer to the GAGU dwarf aid.

Expect the unexpected, but this time it was taken long overdue and basically met the right person.

On Saturday, May 27, our second President Dieter Schmitt of the Rotary Club lip Issel was honored for his extraordinary commitment as a hero of everyday life.

The fountain on the grounds of the Home of Hope is now in operation and the joy of children is correspondingly large. The water no longer needs to be carried in canisters from the remote source. The pictures show the start-up of the well.
The training center now 13 young people have found their apprenticeship. A first project was the production of "uniforms" which is proudly presented in the pictures.
In glorious weather, we redeemed the lost bet with Mayor Mike Rexforth 3 9 2017 with a festival dedicated to the potato. The festival brought a lot of fun for the kids. There was a guest appearance of the Country liner Queen potato and potato king were chosen and food and drinks were also provided.
Visit to Sierra Leone

The annex of Babtist Primary School with two new and much larger classrooms is built. The interior design was donated by the Rotary Club Lippe-Issel. Meanwhile, the boards in the classrooms are attached. The handover of the building took place in a ceremony along with the education minister of Sierra Leone.

Visit to the camps and the slum Kroo Bay.
Joy is always great on all sides, since we have plenty of food in the luggage. In Sawaneh there was also a huge reception. The whole house was painted with Wellcome Mam and Gudrun Gerwien or Gerwine.

Our fountain refreshes us indeed been a while in fresh water. Nevertheless, we celebrated with the children the promised Fountain Festival. There was good food and very loud music. Aminata Fofanah, godson of Mike Rexforth was proud to cut the ribbon.

It has given us a huge welcome as was the case last time. Nearly 300 children received us singing at the roadside.

The first house for Ebola orphans is not quite finished. Because of the pronounced rainy season, the construction works have very delayed. But the house should be completed by February 2018 for occupancy.

On Monday, 11/01/2016, the third container is on the way to our training center in Sierra Leone. It includes the equipment and furnishings for the sewing room and the guest house; Moreover wheelchairs to be donated to Amputeecamp, walkers, bicycles, clothing and toys. Locally everything is transported by the equally loaded in the container truck, to the company. Laschinger had once donated.
Since four weeks, our tour group from Sierra Leone is back. Main objectives of the trip were the negotiations with the government on the children's village project for Ebola orphans and of course ensuring the delivery containers to the completion of the training center.
Ten years, there is now the GAGU dwarf help and it was for our organization a good year. Donations with five- to six-figure amounts were announced to us. Some of them already been transferred. The bet with our Mayor Mike Rexforth we lost and won 52,000 euros. Thus the beginning of our Projetes for Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone is financially secure.
The construction of the GAGU training center continues. The structural work was completed last year, despite Ebola. More pictures of the construction of the GAGU training center left, you can get by clicking on the image.
Ebola is still a hot topic in Sierra Leone. Near the school of our Home of Home children there was a suspected case. The house in question has been quarantined and precautionary closures of the school. More pictures from the Ebola area can be accessed by clicking on the left image.
The children and the caregivers at the Home of Hope is doing well. We keep the area of ​​the house for the public closed. Children and caregivers leave the area only when it is necessary. As long as the school is closed take classes directly instead of in the yard and in the rooms of the Home of Hope.
Sierra Leone reports new Ebola infection cases. Especially in slums risk of contagion is great and the rain makes the slums become a breeding ground for the disease. All that the city up there no longer needs, has the heavy rain washed down. Cholera, dengue and malaria join in the rainy season to Ebola. We are in our thoughts in Freetown and hope that the residents of the slums survive the rainy season intact.
With the active participation of the press, representatives of the People's Bank and the municipality Schermbeck we have opened on 10/01/2015 LIVING TOGETHER, the operational part of our association at the Center Street 34th
It's official. The bet is perfect. Before the eyes of Schermbecker citizens and Umrah Jah, the Deputy Ambassador of Sierra Leone, Mayor Mike Rexforth has completed the bet with Gudrun Gerwien in the town square.
The fourth "good old Christmas" on the central street in Schermbeck was well attended and a great success.
Awareness about pushing the boundaries Schermbeck is our stated objective for the future. A first step in this direction was the participation in the Raesfelder Rosenmontagszug. Here we have the GAGU under the motto "leak test" - a topical issue just in Schermbeck - drawn on our "motto vehicles" through the town. There was enthusiasm, but also criticism. The objective but we have achieved in every case.
The construction of the GAGU training center is progressing. The survey work has been completed, burned the stones for the construction and the shell is being built brick by brick. We are confident that the structural work can not be completed this year.
The members of the Rotary Club Lippe-Issel meet weekly in the country Voshövel to lectures and planning of aid projects. About Stephan Proff and Guenther Beck Rotarians have undergone the action of GAGU dwarf aid and found that their goals with the goals of our association are largely identical. Spontaneous 750 € has been allocated from the locomotive money box.
The company Laschinger roofs Dorsten donated their 15 year old Mercedes Sprinter WORKER flatbed 308D. Our pictures show the delivery of the keys and the car papers by Stefan Laschinger Gudrun Gerwien and Dieter Schmitt.
Preparations for the good old Christmas 2014 enter the final phase. On 07/12/2014 there was a dress rehearsal for the performance of the spirit of Christmas. Then on December 13, at 14:00 we start with the first performance on the central street. More will follow at 16:00 and at 19:15 after the move.
Well attended was the third edition of the "Beautiful old Christmas" in Schermbeck. In time, the weather had improved over the previous days so we could offset the visitors in the lives of people of the 19th century with pleasant temperatures and especially in dry conditions, as already announced weeks ago.
The "Buddy Bears" are traveling for 10 years as an ambassador of peace, tolerance and international understanding around the world. We met the chairman of the association Eva Herlitz in Sierra Leone. Now the Gladbecker visited "United Buddy Bears" "Martin Luther Forum Ruhr" and stood there, his bear part of the project "Art and Tolerance" on. Witness for us reason enough opening.
Cornelia Albers, John Nover, Gudrun Gerwien and Dieter Schmitt visited in July / August 2013 Sierra Leone. There was plenty to do and there were organizational changes. The container with the donations has arrived intact. The bicycles and the toys have, of course, presents particular joy to the children and could also be tried the same during the holidays.
The samples for Advent Gala entered into the final phase. The performers of the event published on Tuesday, 11/26/2013 at the stage of the community center to the first rehearsal at the venue. More than twenty performers occur this time. For the Press some were already hatched in her costume and brought along mulled wine provided the right mood samples.
The good old Weihnachszeit was well received this year. The on-year comparatively poor weather has lured visitors while at the later afternoon on the central street. Nevertheless, but we could be completely satisfied again this year with the course. The performances of the Charles Dickens play "A Christmas Carol" was accompanied by an enthusiastic crowd and rewarded with a total of 330 euro donation for our Home of Hope.

End of January, the board of our association traveled to Sierra Leone. Occasion of this trip was the official inauguration of the home of hope. Until the opening also supports the Government had to be met. For this, the construction of a wall around our house and the further assurance of the property owned by a steel gate.

On February 2, 2012, our home of then hope by the wife of the Vice President Mrs. Kadija Sam Sumana and the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs of Sierra Leone, Madam Rosaline Oya Sankoh, was officially opened.

Right at the beginning of the new year gave Ludger Zens sponsored by RWE prize from the Christmas raffle 2011 to the lucky winners Herbert floor of Schermbeck. The first prize is an electric bike with a range of up to 40 kilometers and a sales value of 2,100 euros.
The Stender possession GmbH & Co KG, represented by its managing director Stephan Stender has transferred 10,000 euros to the GAGU dwarf aid. Mr. Stender has learned in the press and in person with our patron Günter Beck unserern empty coffers. He has supported our commitment in the past and would like that we can also continue our work in Sierra Leone in the future.
On Saturday, March 31, 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Injoy Dorsten has organized this year's Indoor Cycling Telethon. The action now started for the third time in favor of the home of hope and has to this day a donation of just € 1,151.50 introduced.
With the play "Irma has such great feet" has recorded 2a of Maximilian Kolbe School in Schermbeck 300 EUR class. Half of the amount students have now passed the GAGU dwarf aid. By their teacher, the students heard about the project in Sierra Leone and now want to help alleviate the plight of children there with their donation.
From projects such as waste separation and waste reduction, sale of scholastic articles and from prize money the city Gladbeck course of education has taken electronics technician for energy and building of vocational colleges Gladbeck in the past 300 euros, the Florian Horstmann us now on behalf of his school for the children's home in Sierra Leone has passed.
The association Raise Salone - Hilfe eV for Sierra Leone gave us beds from a donation of  Ricam hospice leave. We, we are pleased that we can ensure that the beds donation reaches the specified by the association Raise Salone receiver.
Gudrun Gerwien, Dieter Schmitt and John Nover have returned with good news from Sierra Leone. Our house was in very good condition and, more importantly, the children are very well looked after. This is mainly the merit of Nancy, the new partner of our project leader Lamin Bangura.
The premiere of the historic festival "Beautiful old Christmas" on the central road, which replaced the "Schermbecker Advent", convinced thousands of visitors and has the makings of a nationally attracting magnets, Helmut Scheffler wrote in RP-Online.
Construction on the home of hope have made visible progress. The exterior painting is complete, the interior work is nearing completion. However, open issues are still external works with the sinking of the well for water supply and the outside toilet located already under construction.
The samples for the fall Gala 2011 are in the final phase. All have learned their part and now practiced for the first time before the almost finished setting and the next and the technical equipment. The images of individual scenes can be regarded as a foretaste of our event here before.
A lovingly designed sets, great costumes, free lighting and sound from the pros Nils Holland and Roland Loges and one to the last detail elaborate choreography: Everything is just right for the autumn gala GAGU dwarf help, Helmut Scheffler writes about our event. We have adjusted our Saturday show here are some stills.
Eigendlich our project manager Lamin Bangura should be present at the gala autumn already. Difficulties in the VISA issue meant that Mr Bangura was able to land in Frankfurt until Tuesday. Thus, the welcome by our mayor Ernst Christof Grüter, our patron, some sponsors and members of the GAGU dwarf aid could be made up until the following Thursday. At the reception we were able to convey to hand a video, the mood in the Fall Gala Mr. Bangura. Mr. Bangura thank very warmly all Scherm Beckern for the warm welcome and especially for the home of hope on behalf of the children of Sierra Leone.
The Christmas Village in 2011 was officially opened on Saturday, November 26, to the accompaniment of the guitar circle G Square Dorsten. The pictures of the Christmas Village weekends are available by clicking on the image on the left.
The progress of the Home of Hope starting with the survey work, the groundbreaking ceremony, the excavation for the footings to the shell completion and the plot consecration in March 2010, you can here understand.
Familyreunion. Nathalie Mattmann could first close her father's arms in March of 2010. Another aim of the March visit was more of godchildren and the children of the Home of Hope.
Our Africa Day weather God has brought plenty of sun. Whether the action was a success, however, the cash check will only show. Impressions of the events they can get a photo gallery.
There are only a few weeks left until the announced performance of the play "The Seventh Heaven" and the samples are in full swing. A first insight into the work granted us the performer on 15.09.2010 in the evangelical youth center where the samples occur at the time. A small photo gallery of scene clips of the third act, you can here to retrieve.
The structure of the Christmas village in 2010 has started early this year. The cabins and the Christmas calendar were set up a week before the start. Pictures of the construction work and the Christmas Village weekends you can here recall.
The container with building materials for the home of hope is loaded and is now entering its journey via Antwerp to Sierra Leone. The pictures show the loading of the container with relief goods by the members of GAGU dwarf aid. Here it comes  to photos .
Gudrun Gerwien and Dieter Schmitt traveled for the second time to Sierra Leone to buy the land for our house project. Although they had already seen much hardship on their first visit: The misery in the slums of the capital, Freetown has shocked them.
The bet has gone, we have lost and celebrate this very reason. The cash position has reached about 32,000 euros. In order to finance the construction of the "House of Hope" is secured. Here are the pictures from Spectaculum the outcome of the bet.
In 2009, the playback show runs in the meeting center Schermbeck. In the gallery "Autumn Gala 2009" they experience the highlights of the performances.
In 2009, the Christmas Village action was in support of the "Home of Hope" in cooperation with the advertising community Schermbeck. Here the impressions and highlights of four weeks of Christmas village. The last weekend then brought us even for rain and snow so that the appropriate wintry Christmas spirit. More Images of 29.11.2009 , 05.12.2009 , 06.12.2009 , 13.12.2009 , 19.12.2009   and 20.12.2009 are available in each case here.
The gallery "The bet" shows the pictures of our betting action with the mayor and the citizens of the municipality Schermbeck.
The gallery "Abbas" tells of the fate of our sponsored child the same name and the same time by the hope of a future with the made possible by their donations to school.
In the gallery "donation" they experience the delivery of donations to various camps in Freetown. At the same time they get to know our contact people and local employees.
To earn money to build an orphanage in Sierra Leone, members of GAGU dwarf aid gave a playback show, which was performed four times in the meeting center Schermbeck. The long experience of preparing teams that were already active as members of the theater group in numerous performances, came into its own on those evenings. In the gallery "Autumn Gala 2008" they experience the highlights of the performances.
Another action taken in support of our children's home project is the construction and operation of the Christmas village in 2008 in Schermbeck in cooperation with the advertising community Schermbeck. The action has started last weekend. Here are the pictures from the second day with the visit of Nikolauses in the Christmas village. More photos of the action day 12.06.2008 , 12.12.2008 , 13.12.2008 , 19.12.2008 and 20.12.2008 are available here.